Reactive Trader®, an Open Source Reactive UI Sample

An open source Reactive UI sample

Today is an exciting day for us, we are open-sourcing our sample reactive UI application, that we presented at React 2014!

The app is called Reactive Trader®, it is a sample trading application which illustrates the different traits of a reactive application. The app connects to a dummy pricing server via web socket using SignalR, displays real-time streaming prices, executes trades asynchronously, detect failures, recovers, etc.

The app makes heavy use of Reactive Extensions (Rx) and the UI comes in 2 flavours:

  • a rich client build using WPF, RxNet and SignalR
  • and a web client using TypeScript and RxJS - this one is still work in progress but we will get it done if you guys show interest ;)

Our background

We have been building reactive UIs and servers in the financial industry for years and we have tried to pack here some of the patterns and designs principles we use on our day to day job - hopefully this will be useful  for you and others.

Also we think the app is a very good "real life" example of what can be done with Rx, hopefully more relevant than the usual let's observe mouse move events

We are big fans of Rx and have been using it since it's first release early 2010.

Lee Campbell, who presented the app at React with Matt Barrett, is also the author of Intro to Rx, probably the best resource out there to learn Rx.

Stay tuned...

We have quite a few blog posts in the pipe to give more details about the app and we will also publish the video of our presentation at React once available, so stay tuned! All this will be announced on @AdaptiveLimited

Show me the code!

Source code, docs and download package are on GitHub.

This is what the app looks like. Pretty slick, thanks to our good friends from Reason!


Fintech and developer extert at Adaptive Financial Consulting


Olivier Deheurles

Director of Adaptive Financial Consulting



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