ReactConf 2014 – Reactive UI talk: Video, Slides & Open Source Demo App

Matt Barrett and Lee Campbell’s talk on Reactive UI development at ReactConf 2014 is now available on Youtube.

Real-time reactive user interfaces need to scale from handling dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of updates per second, to changes in data on a daily or weekly basis, as well as handling input from users. This means that literally everything is a stream of data.

We will discuss how the trading applications we’ve built make extensive use of reactive extensions to compose these streams to provide real-time, correct information about the state of the market, and the system. We’ll talk about the internal architectures of real time trading applications built to handle this sort of complexity.


What people say about the talk…


Demo app: Reactive Trader

We open sourced the app we demo during the talk: it is a sample trading app with realtime streaming data build in WPF / Rx / SignalR.

The source code and instructions are available on GitHub


The slides are available in a public Prezi.

What’s coming next…

We are preparing a series of blog posts about this talk and Reactive Trader, and we will be publishing them here on a weekly basis.

We are also working on a web version of Reactive Trader (TypeScript / RxJS / SignalR), that we should release in the next couple of weeks!

All this stuff will be announced on our Twitter feed @AdaptiveLimited


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