Sample Reactive Web App using TypeScript, RxJS and WebSockets

We announced a few weeks ago that we would work on a web version of Reactive Trader and it is now time to show the app!


Click to launch the app in a separate tab.

Play with the app online

We published the App to Azure, you can have a look.

We are now working on several other versions targeting different platforms:
– Windows App Store (WinRT) – ready to go
– Windows Phone 8.1 – in progress
– iOS via Xamarin – in progress
– Android via Xamarin – not started yet

Everything will be announced on @AdaptiveLimited

Want to learn more?

For source code and instructions, you should have a look at the Reactive Trader GitHub repo.

You may also be interested in Matt and Lee’s talk at ReactConf, which covers some of the challenges in building reactive UIs.

We have also started a series of blog posts on Reactive Trader and more generally reactive programming, you can find the first post here.

Tell us what you think!

Hate it? Like it? We would love your feedback!


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