Adaptive Financial Consulting has been listed in The Sunday Times Profit Track 100

Adaptive; trading developers;We are pleased to announce that Adaptive has been listed as one of Britain's private fastest-growing profit companies at the 18th annual Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100.

Our growth in profit tracks our growth in revenue and reflects the long-term relationships we have built with existing clients, as well as our engagement with new clients. We are thrilled to have again been mentioned on a Sunday Times Fast Track.

Founded in 2012, Adaptive now has offices in London, Barcelona, Montreal, and New York with +135 staff globally and average annual profit growth of 59.52% over the last three years. Listed as 78th in The Sunday Times Profit Track league 2018, Adaptive is the fastest-growing profit software consultancy focused on financial services, capital and commodity trading markets.

Adaptive attribute our continued success to our passion for technology, our relentless focus on delivery and our strong partnerships with our clients.

Check out the Profit Track 100 supplement.| View the 2018 league table of Profit Track 100 link here.


About Adaptive Financial Consulting

Real-time trading is changing the way business is conducted within financial services, capital and commodity trading markets. These systems are complex and need the very best people and technology to deliver successfully. This is Adaptive; a financial software development firm providing deep technological and business domain expertise that can transform businesses.

Our clients include the world's leading investment banks and commodities businesses. We have a proven track record delivering powerful, elegant and intuitive trading platforms using the latest technology and techniques.

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