We are one of the European TOP 10 Trading Solution Providers

Adaptive has been announced as one of the European TOP 10 Trading Solution Providers 2019. This list focuses on companies able to provide trading solutions with high quality results, making decisions easier for the customer.In this regard, Adaptive has a lot to offer: we have built -and we could not feel prouder of its results- a flexible and resilient trading platform named Hydra. As our CEO Matt Barrett explains well,

"Rather than building a custom trading system from scratch for every new project, we have built a suite of technical components that decouple business logic from technical infrastructure. By doing this, we have streamlined system design, development, and maintenance."

But there is much more!

Did you know Hydra can be operated natively on the cloud? Find out other features of Hydra, how it works and how we like to run business reading the whole article here.


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