WEBINAR | 25 years of Digitalisation in Trading

“The virtual trading floor is closer than you think.”

This is how Trista Kelley from the Financial News introduced her interview with Matteo Cassina last summer. Matteo is a Non-Executive Director at Adaptive and has consistently advocated for the electronification of markets. He believes Covid-19 may finish the job he started.

Matt Barrett, CEO and co-founder of Adaptive, will join Matteo in a webinar hosted by OpenFin on Thursday 19 November to talk about the points raised during this interview in further details. They will discuss how the digitalisation of the financial services markets has evolved in the last 25 years and the most likely scenario for the new times arising.

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Profile photo for Matteo

Matteo Cassina

Non-Executive Director, Adaptive

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Matt Barrett

CEO and co-founder, Adaptive

November 17th at 10am EST | 3pm BST
Webinar | 25 years of Digitalisation in Trading

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