Adaptive joins the WatersTech Wavelengths Podcast ‘Buy vs Build’

Last week Adaptive joined the WatersTech Wavelengths Podcast on an interesting talk. Our CEO, Matt Barrett, recently spoke with Theo Normanton about the Buy VS Build debate – from what it means, to what firms are looking for in new trading systems.

Here are the key points that we covered in the Buy VS Build Podcast:

  • What do we mean by “buy vs build”?
  • Is there a pattern of buying, building, and then integrating? What are the pitfalls in that process?
  • How the rise of cloud facilitates innovation.
  • What are firms looking for in a new trading system.
  • There is always a degree of “buy” involved.
  • Is the future of trading technology increasingly cloud-provisioned?
  • Is there more consolidation on the way?

Listen now to the podcast here:


Matt Barrett, CEO at Adaptive

Matt is the CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Financial Consulting.

He graduated with a Master’s in Computer Science from Auckland University, and moved to London from New Zealand in 2005. Matt worked as a software engineer in a range of industries, always trying to align the engineering work he was doing with business value.

Within financial services, he spent time at Societe Generale and Barclays, before co-founding Adaptive in 2012. Driven by a belief that high-quality engineering and client-centricity go hand in hand, Adaptive crafts cutting-edge, bespoke financial technology solutions for electronic trading across capital markets.

Adaptive is for those firms who value differentiation via technology.


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