Aeron & AWS Cloud Performance Testing

🏁  With recent performance and operational improvements in the cloud, capital markets venues are now actively engaged in migrating to the cloud. In many cases, this requires capital markets infrastructure to be re-engineered for resilience, performance and consistency.

Aeron’s high performance message transport and cluster technology is uniquely suited to help move front-office trading and risk workflows, liquidity providers, trade execution, and market data into the public cloud.

To support our clients’ stringent performance requirements, we tested our messaging & clustering technology Aeron on AWS (Amazon Web Services), to demonstrate the speed and resilience that can be achieved for low-latency, high-throughput trading systems in the cloud. 

We ran performance tests for both, open-source Aeron as well as Aeron Premium.


Aeron cloud performance - here is what we tested:
  • Aeron at its lowest level, using Aeron Transport to push network throughput and latencies to their extreme.
  • Aeron Transport Security (ATS), an Aeron Premium component that uses industry-standard cryptography primitives.
  • Aeron Cluster, to show the throughput and latency that a highly available system could achieve.


Headline results of the AWS & Aeron cloud performance tests:
  • Aeron Premium is almost 500 times faster at the 99th percentile than other commonly used messaging protocols and almost 60 times faster for end-to-end encrypted transport than other commonly used encryption protocols.
  • For clustered state replication, Aeron Premium halves latency while achieving up to 8x throughput over Aeron Open Source.


For more information regarding the test set-up, results and to replicate the tests in your own environment, please consult the assets below:
Aeron Cloud Performance Testing Guide on AWS
  1. Aeron cloud performance test results - AWS Overview
  2. Step-by-Step testing guide to benchmarking Aeron in your own environment >> Download


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