Aeron messaging, sponsored by Adaptive | Winner as Electronic Trading Support Product of the Year at the Risk Markets Technology Awards 2024

In a world where the financial landscape evolves at breakneck speed, technological innovation becomes the linchpin for success. We are thrilled to announce that Adaptive's Aeron messaging open-source software has been crowned the Electronic Trading Support Product of the Year at the prestigious Risk Markets Technology Awards. Aeron is a high-performance, open-source technology that is reshaping the dynamics of electronic trading, becoming the global standard for high-throughput, low-latency, fault-tolerant trading systems.


Aeron messaging, sponsored by Adaptive | Winner as Electronic Trading Support Product of the Year at the Risk Markets Technology Awards 2024


Unveiling Aeron messaging: A Game-Changer in Low Latency Communication

Aeron stands as a beacon of innovation, offering financial services firms a competitive edge through low-latency, resilient technology. This recognition at the Risk Markets Technology Awards is a testament to the transformative power of Aeron in the financial technology landscape.

Empowering Financial Firms with Custom Solutions

At the core of Adaptive's success is Aeron, a suite of software components that facilitate high-performance messaging, high throughput, low-latency and fault-tolerant services. This empowers finance firms to swiftly adapt to market unpredictabilities and tailor offerings to meet client needs for long-term success.

Aeron enables the rapid development of customisable and accessible solutions. By eliminating concerns about standard functionalities, it allows firms to focus on aspects that truly differentiate their business and product offerings.

Key features setting Aeron messaging apart

  1. Cloud Tolerance: Aeron is cloud-tolerant, allowing capital markets firms to confidently move workloads into the cloud, reducing hardware and operational costs associated with broker-based systems.
  2. Scalability The system can expand horizontally and vertically to accommodate varying demands, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for financial institutions.
  3. Fault Tolerance: Aeron enables hot system upgrades and automatic failover for zero system downtime, ensuring fault tolerance of critical applications.
  4. Security: Aeron includes industry-standard security features such as secure unicast, multicast, multi-destination-cast streams, public key authentication, and OpenSSL cryptography.
  5. Reliability: Message streams can be saved at the full message rate, ensuring the system can recover reliably from saved data without losing any messages.

Aeron Premium: Elevating Performance to New Heights

In 2023, Adaptive introduced Aeron Premium, offering additional software components, support, and architectural design consulting to enhance trading system speed and performance. Available on premise and on Google Cloud Marketplace and AWS Marketplace, Aeron Premium facilitates accelerated cloud-native trading system development, and offers additional Aeron messaging components:

Recent tests in collaboration with AWS showcased Aeron's exceptional speed and efficiency in handling data in a cloud-based environment, solidifying its effectiveness in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Aeron Open-Source Community: Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

To further foster innovation and accessibility, Adaptive launched the Aeron Open-Source Community in early 2023. Aeron Community MeetUps across North America and Europe provide a platform for users and developers to share knowledge and applications, enhancing collaboration within the financial services development community.


Matt Barrett, CEO and co-founder, Adaptive says:

“We’re honoured to have Aeron® be recognised as the crucial piece of electronic trading technology that it is. Aeron is at the heart of our success, addressing the most pressing issues facing financial services firms today – from performance and resiliency to cloud migration.

Adaptive gives capital markets participants the ability to own their technology stack and gain a competitive edge in their own market. When flexibility is paramount, Aeron's suite of high-performance messaging and fault-tolerant services acts as the platform for proprietary, resilient trading systems. By eliminating risk around complex, critical capabilities, Aeron allows firms to focus on what truly differentiates them, fostering rapid development and customisation.



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