Adaptive announces results of joint performance testing of Aeron technology on Google Cloud

  • Testing shows Adaptive’s Aeron technology coupled with Google Cloud can enable high performance and scale for capital markets.
  •  Collaborative testing affirms that the cloud's latency and fault tolerance can rival on-premises solutions.
  • Aeron achieves sub-20 microsecond performance on Google Cloud with throughput of 4.7 million messages/second


London, 21 February 2024 - Adaptive Financial Consulting (Adaptive), the experts in electronic trading technology solutions, today announces the results of the performance testing of its Aeron technology running on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Aeron is the cloud-native, open-source, low-latency message transport and cluster technology developed by Adaptive and used by financial services firms globally to build high-performance trading systems with microsecond latency and millisecond recovery. Completed in collaboration with Google, the testing showed that Aeron combined with Google Cloud allows capital markets firms to build low-latency, resilient trading systems in the cloud, removing dependence on traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Aeron consists of Aeron Transport for messaging, and Aeron Cluster for zero downtime, 24/7 trading systems. Aeron Premium provides an additional set of components to further enhance performance, security, fault-tolerance and recovery. Testing took place with a range of Google Cloud services leveraging C3 instance types, placement policies and a variety of storage options.

Adaptive and Google Cloud tested the performance of the latest version of Aeron running in a cloud environment. Result highlights include:

  • When assessing latency of its messaging component, the team measured a round trip time of 57 microseconds for Aeron open source, dropping to 18 microseconds with Aeron Premium. Throughput increased from 800,000 messages/second to 4,700,000 messages/second, a 6-fold improvement, when using the Premium components.*
  • Aeron Cluster for zero downtime, 24/7 systems achieved latency of 109 microseconds with the open-source edition, dropping to 36 microseconds with the premium edition. Throughput of over 250,000 messages/second was maintained while staying under a one millisecond threshold. This compares with over 2,200,000 million messages/second with Aeron Premium – an 8.8 fold improvement. Aeron Cluster combined with Google Cloud offers a new standard in automated failover.

Aeron Premium uses components for kernel bypass, which reduces packet processing overhead resulting in improved network transport speeds. 

The testing results demonstrate that Aeron, combined with Google Cloud, meets or exceeds the demands of capital markets organisations considering a move to the Cloud.

Matt Barrett, co-founder and CEO at Adaptive, said: “The future of finance is rooted in cloud technology. While workloads have migrated to the cloud over the past decade, some have doubted whether its latency and fault tolerance can match that of on-premises solutions - our joint testing in Google Cloud, proves that this is the case.

Using Aeron, we have showcased the cloud's capabilities. For institutions aiming to develop cutting-edge trading technology, the combination of Aeron and Google Cloud not only produces scalable, low-latency trading systems but also manages substantial data volumes without compromising fault tolerance.”

*Aeron results quoted relate to a round trip time at the 99th per-centile of a 288 byte message and a rate of 100,000 messages/second. Testing was done using Aeron 1.43.0  in Google Cloud’s US Central Zone.

Learn more about the testing project:

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