Case Study: Implementing an FDC3 desktop strategy for a large US Bank

Designing & building a seamless FDC3-enabled trading desktop strategy for a large US-based bank

The US-based bank runs sophisticated global credit trading operations across a number of interconnected desks. Adaptive was tasked to re-envision and implement the company’s overall desktop strategy to increase interoperability, as well as to design and develop a single user interface to consolidate and launch various credit trading applications. Donwload the full Case Study.

Trading Applications - Cutting complexity through consolidation

The rapid electronification of fixed income markets has driven the adoption of trading technology across trading desks. For many organisations, this has resulted in the siloed development of multiple trading applications. While these trading technologies work well in isolation, interoperability across trading desks is increasingly important to give traders a consolidated view as workflows become more complex and intertwined. This parallel evolution of disparate trading systems has resulted in a need for greater focus on user experience. With an increasing number of workflows, traders need well-designed interfaces that allow them to operate quickly and efficiently. The combination of intelligent design and cutting-edge technology has therefore become indispensable.

Our Brief: Building a desktop strategy for the bank's credit trading operations

Key Objectives:

  • Adopt modern design principles
  • Interoperability
  • A seamless UI
  • Close collaboration with the client team

Technical challenges we tackled:

  • Mapping the trading ecosystem
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Fast prototype delivery:

The end product: An interoperable desktop environment, adaptable to the needs of its credit team

Adaptive’s domain expertise and technology accelerators allowed for the design, prototyping, and deployment of a modern micro app model that significantly reduces delivery times. We delivered...

  • A streamlined FDC3-enabled desktop experience for the bank’s traders, offering maximum flexibility.
  • Increased trading app interoperability with a leading desktop integration tool accessible via a customizable user interface, allowing traders to tailor their experience to suit their individual workflows.

Adaptive’s domain experts collaborated with the bank’s internal developers to take ownership of the framework and make further customizations as the credit desk evolves.

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