Best Matching Engine for Cryptocurrency Trading Venues by TradingTech Insight USA

We are delighted to announce that our industry-leading technology, Aeron, has been awarded Best Matching Engine for Cryptocurrency Trading Venues at the TradingTech Insight Awards - USA 2024.This recognition from a leading industry publication is a testament to the tireless dedication and innovation of our entire team. The award serves as a significant milestone in our journey. We are deeply grateful for the trust and validation from our community.

Best Matching Engine for Cryptocurrency Trading Venues - TradingTech Insight Awards USA 2024

Matt Barrett, CEO and Co-Founder of Adaptive, said:

"We are very proud to receive this "Best Matching Engine for Cryptocurrency Trading Venues" award. It shows our commitment to delivering best-in-class trading technology in the cryptocurrency space. This recognition from the '2024 USA TradingTech Insight Awards' really underscores our expertise in building bespoke, next-generation matching engines at speed using technology accelerators like Aeron. The digital assets industry is actively seeking differentiation via custom trading technology, and it is to our firm, and our technology, that the world’s leading cryptocurrency firms turn to."

To the award ceremony attended our Chief Strategy Officer, Fergus Keenan, and our Senior Solutions Specialist, Harrell Smith:

Best Matching Engine for Cryptocurrency Trading Venues by TradingTech Insight USA, Harrell Smith


About Adaptive

Adaptive was founded to solve fundamental challenges for financial institutions such as banks, exchanges, brokers, asset managers and others within the financial services sector. We do this by building proprietary trading technology that’s superior to off-the-shelf solutions. Through a unique combination of cutting-edge accelerator technology and deep capital markets domain expertise, we craft truly custom, full-service trading platforms in a fraction of the time typically required to construct bespoke systems.

Central to our offering is Aeron, the open-source technology standard for high-throughput, low-latency, and fault-tolerant trading systems. We invest heavily to further develop this technology and enhance it with premium features as well as fostering an open-source community.

Offering global reach and support, Adaptive has offices in London, New York, Barcelona, Montreal, and Manila. We’ve built cutting-edge bespoke trading solutions for Tradu/FXCM, ErisX (now part of Cboe Digital), NatWest, ADSS, and many others.


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