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The Early Careers Programme

The Early Careers Programme is a structured training scheme designed by the Adaptive team for the next generation of FinTech developers. The aim is to help you overcome the challenges of joining a fast-paced industry while giving you all the tools needed to grow your career - and get paid from day one!

The application process is currently closed.
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Embracing Diverse Backgrounds to Succeed


If you are looking for a company that will prepare you to thrive in your first real client project, regardless of your background, and that values you not only as a professional but also as a person, stop looking; you found it!

A glimpse of what our Early Career Programme has to offer:

Get continuous support from our in-house mentors
Get further insights from experienced colleagues
Learn top notch technology
Work in a great collaborative culture
Competitive pay and benefits
Get hands-on technical, financial and soft skills training

Learn more about what Adaptive has to offer you, here.

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Why do our ECP participants recommend the scheme?

Programme timeline

Join us on a 7-month journey, where you'll have the opportunity to learn, grow, and gain the confidence to shine. Throughout this adventure, you'll be surrounded by a team of friendly and supportive mentors and colleagues, who will be there to cheer you on and help you succeed at every step.

  1. Month 1-4

    Full-time, hands-on training in software development,
    consulting, finance and delivery.

  2. Month 5-6

    Gaining practical experience with a real
    (internal or external) project team.

  3. Get your Adaptive diploma!

  4. Month 7+

    You are now a developer with real experience
    joining Adaptive's Consulting Practice!

Meet some of our graduates

Tehreem Khan

UI Developer

During the pandemic, Tehreem decided she wanted to work in the tech industry. Tehreem was keen to join a company that values ingenuity and innovative thinking. That's when she joined Adaptive's Early Careers Programme, which provided her with valuable technical skills and helped her grow personally and professionally.

Read more about Tehreem's story here!

Keshal Desai

Full-stack Developer

Keshal built his knowledge base by attending free online programming courses, mainly focusing on front-end development. From here, Keshal transitioned into Adaptive's Early Careers Programme, where he gained hands-on experience and practical skills from shadowing and supporting senior staff on real-life projects.

Read more about his journey here!

Cindy Zhou

Java Developer

Cindy transitioned from studying a mathematics degree to pursuing her career with the help of Adaptive's Early Career Program. Cindy says Adaptive's Early Career Programme has been transformational for her career.

Read more about her story here!

The program is run by Riko Eksteen and Christi Reid, who are passionate about embarking on a journey with each individual to accelerate their learning and unlock their potential.


  • Why does Adaptive have an Early Careers scheme?

    Adaptive has an Early Careers Programme to help the next generation of FinTech developers overcome the challenges of joining a fast-paced industry while providing them with the tools needed to grow their career and get paid from day one. The programme is designed for university graduates, bootcamp coding students, and self-taught individuals. 💡🧠

  • Why is it called Early Careers Programme?

    We call it the Early Careers Programme because it's all about helping folks kick start their journey, no matter where they're coming from. Whether you've got a fancy university degree, nailed it at a coding bootcamp, or you're a passionate self-learner, you've got a bright future here at Adaptive. We believe in supporting you every step of the way! 💪🧚🏽‍♀️

  • Do you have a Graduate Programme?

    Oh, absolutely! Our Early Careers Programme is essentially a Graduate Programme with a broader scope. It's designed to welcome and support talented graduates like you, as well as other amazing individuals at the beginning of their careers in the FinTech world. So, if you're a graduate looking to kickstart your journey, you're in the right place! 🎓🚀

  • What is the role of a mentor in the program?

    The role of a mentor in the programme is to provide personalized guidance, share knowledge, and support the trainees throughout their learning process. 🧑‍🏫

  • What type of clients does Adaptive work with?

    Adaptive works with a variety of the world's leading investment banks, commodities businesses, fintechs and market service providers. 💹👩🏿‍💻

  • Can I decide which career path I want to pursue (BE, FE other)?

    We determine, together with each individual, what role they would most enjoy and will be best suited for. We must also be driven by the skill sets our clients are asking for, but there is always plenty of opportunity at Adaptive to learn new skill sets and work on a variety of projects.

  • Is there a specific deadline for submitting my application, or can I submit it at any time?

    We open applications twice a year – super exciting, right? 🎉 Due to the huge amount of CVs we receive daily we are only able to accept CVs during the time the role is open. The deadline will be clearly advertised on our website, but to make sure you are the first one to know when the next submission opens up, we totally recommend following us on LinkedIn.

  • What should I expect from the interview process?

    The interview process is actually quite straightforward. We know that being interviewed is stressful so we will not make you go through a 15 step interview process! First, we'll have a casual chat to get to know each other. Then, we'll meet for a technical interview. Finally, you'll have a chance to chat with one of our directors in a laid-back setting. We want to make sure you feel comfortable throughout the process! ☕🛋️

  • Do I need to prepare for an exercise as part of the application process?

    No, you don’t need to prepare anything beforehand. The recruiter will prepare you before the interview and will let you know exactly what you can expect. Little tips: - Just breathe and be yourself. - Never hesitate to share your thoughts and ask your questions.

Any more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any unanswered questions.

The application process is currently closed.

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