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The Delivery Practice is Adaptive’s Centre of Excellence for project and programme management.  The practice:

  • Leads and manages Adaptive’s team of Project Managers and Delivery Leads - members of other practices who are accountable for leading delivery on engagements that do not have a specialist project manager.
  • Oversees the successful delivery of projects to achieve our clients’ and Adaptive’s own goals.
  • Owns and manages Adaptive’s ‘just enough’ set of governance and management processes.

Reporting to the Global Head of Practice, the Engagement Manager provides:

  • Engagement management for agreed engagements.
  • Local leadership and management to the project managers and delivery leads in the region.
  • Delivery management input to sales and marketing.
  • Implementation of agreed strategic changes for the Delivery Practice.

As part of the leadership team, the Engagement Manager is expected to provide leadership to members of the practice and more widely across the firm: role modelling our values, behaviour and culture.  They will also represent Adaptive to our clients and communities, including hiring, sales, delivery, marketing and more widely in industry forums and events.


Specific responsibilities for the Engagement Manager will vary over time and some can be delegated but can be expected to include any or all of the following.  The Engagement Manager will manage how they allocate their time across areas, reflecting changing priorities.

Engagement Management

Engagement Management is a broad activity, where the specific activities will vary depending on the nature of the engagements for which the Engagement Manager is accountable.  

Each Engagement Manager will be accountable for a portfolio of engagements. Depending on size and complexity, individual engagements may:

  • Be managed by a dedicated programme or Project Manager;
  • Be managed by a Delivery Lead;
  • Comprise individual/small groups of resources with no Delivery Lead.

For all cases the Engagement Manager will provide whatever leadership, management and support is necessary for successful delivery of the engagement and the welfare of the team.  

For engagements with an allocated Programme or Project Manager, this will include:

  • Overseeing delivery of the projects, ensuring appropriate management of people, delivery, schedule, budget and risks;
  • Acting as an escalation point for project-related issues escalated by project managers and delivery leads.

For engagements with an allocated Delivery Lead, this will include:

  • Delivery and Governance
    • Plan: Define, track, maintain
    • Estimate production
    • Managing RAIDs
    • Ensuring Audit Trail is maintained
    • Governance  - define meeting structure
    • Governance  - running meetings etc
  • Managing resource and financial details in Kimble, including:
    • Resource and financial forecasts
    • Timesheets
    • Expenses
    • Invoicing
    • Actual spend vs budget/forecast
  • Client Relationship Management:
    • Escalation contact point for client
    • Participating in regular client reviews

In addition to the above, for engagements with no allocated delivery lead, this will include:

  • Providing leadership to the Adaptive resources allocated to the engagement:
    • Ensuring engagement vision & goals are understood
    • Communication
    • Maintaining team morale
    • Maintaining culture
  • Delivery and Governance
    • Governance - internal and external status reporting

Local leadership and management

Manage People

  • Work with Delivery Leads and Head of Practice to manage local resourcing of Project Managers and Delivery Leads for engagements.
  • Identify gaps and engage with the Head of Practice, Local Director and HR team to recruit new hires to fill them, contributing to the recruitment process as needed.
  • Contribute to the physical and mental welfare of local practice members by:
    • Monitoring for signs of potential welfare concerns.
    • Contribution to the management and resolution of any concerns raised.
  • Contributing to the management of local practice members’ performance by:
    • Ensuring clear expectations for roles they are allocated.
    • Recognising exceptional performance by individuals (e.g. feeding back to the individual,  messaging Head of Practice, Directors and others).
    • Contribution and/or ownership of remediation plans and monitoring for below expectation performance by individuals.
  • Managing the career development of individuals in the team and acting as mentor to help them navigate the Career Progression Framework.
  • Inputting to compensation reviews.

Leadership of the local practice team

  • Create a sense of community among local practice members
  • Ensure regular and frequent communication with the local practice members to keep informed of progress, successes, changes, people moves and updates from Adaptive and the Practice
  • Monitor and maintain local practice team morale 
  • Ensure informal local practice social/bonding events are organised periodically
  • Maintain Adaptive’s culture and values within the local practice by advocacy, role modelling, and identifying and correcting inappropriate behaviours.

Delivery Management input to sales & marketing


  • Prepare and maintain pre-Sales materials
  • Attend Sales meetings, clients call and could demonstrate our expertise and approach.
  • Participate in proposal and estimation process
  • Write/review Statements of Work (SOWs) and Master Service Agreements (MSAs)


  • Engage with the wider tech community as an expert in the field and presents at conferences
  • Participate in an active online community 
  • Coordinate marketing content generation within his/her practice (blog, white papers, brown-bag)

Implementation of agreed strategic changes

Working with the Head of Practice:

  • Collaborate with relevant groups to devise new approaches, processes, ways of working at suchlike.
  • Build consensus around changes.
  • Own the roll out, change management and communication plans for changes.
  • Monitor take up and remediate issues to ensure processes are effectively embedded.
  • Propose areas for change.


The Engagement Manager is a role model for all members of staff and an ambassador for Adaptive externally. 

We strongly believe that Adaptive values are the behaviours and skills that are valued by every member of our staff. These values are reflected in who we promote and so as a Head of Practice, it is vital that you embody them in your way of working:

Vision: evaluating risk, creativity, inspiring, leading change, innovation, developing strategy.

Ownership: taking initiative, assuming responsibility, managing upwards, empowered, problem-solving, critical reflection. 

Collaboration: team working, leading projects, engaging stakeholders, respecting cultural differences, negotiation, meetings, dealing with conflict.

Achievement: delivering outcomes, coaching, staff development, promoting a ‘healthy workplace’ (from a psychological safety perspective), resilience.

Respect/Awareness: self-awareness, promoting ethics, acting with and promoting integrity, supportive of staff, works to build trust, transparency.


  • No politics
  • No cumbersome hierarchy: our teams feel free to speak up, to make suggestions and raise concerns
  • Collaborative team environment: we all work together, respect each other and pitch in
  • Smart, welcoming and motivated colleagues
  • Good work/life balance


Our benefits are designed with you in mind. We aim to provide benefits that are meaningful and useful to you and that reflect our culture. Many of the benefits below are available to our staff after a probationary period. 

  • 23 days vacation per year
  • Life cover
  • FLSA Commuting
  • Medical, dental and vision
  • Gym/Wellness subsidy
  • FLSA Childcare
  • 401K scheme

Some of our success stories include:

An app store that allows users to browse available apps and install to their desktop without Administrator rights. The system provides an auto-update mechanism and also captures usage statistics

Adaptive brought our experience in large scale e-commerce platforms to quickly specify and agree an architecture with the client. The design enabled rapid development in the short term but also granted flexibility and agility in the long term.

Please note that the successful candidate will need to have a background check due to the kind of projects we work on.

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