Adaptive’s Aeron® technology now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Aeron Premium is now available in the Azure Marketplace, allowing users to leverage Microsoft’s cloud technology to accelerate the development of trading systems in the Cloud.

Best Matching Engine for Cryptocurrency Trading Venues by TradingTech Insight USA

KCx partners with Adaptive to deliver an innovative event-driven equities trading system

Winners A-Team TradingTech Insight Europe Awards 2024

Adaptive announces results of joint performance testing of Aeron technology on Google Cloud

Adaptive partners with ADSS to deliver first exclusively cloud-based retail broking platform

Tradu partners with Adaptive to build a new multi-asset retail trading platform on web & mobile

Aeron & AWS Cloud Performance Testing

Adaptive joins the WatersTech Wavelengths Podcast ‘Buy vs Build’

Press Release · Dave Clack joins Adaptive Financial Consulting as Chief Product Officer


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