Webinar | Watch now | Your Solution, Delivered: How Adaptive Builds Trading Platforms

On Wednesday 23, June 2021 we ran a webinar in collaboration with Openfin where we showed how Adaptive’s accelerators take ...

Webinar | Watch now | FDC3 v1.2 is now available, improving interoperability on the financial desktop

Watch now | React-RxJS: Bringing Reactivity to React | RxJS Live! On Air Asia

Webinar | Watch now | Why Workflow-Driven Design is necessary for financial technology

Watch now | Building an FDC3-enabled Web Application | Riko Eksteen at Open Source Strategy Forum 2020

Webinar | Watch now | Radically different Remote Working Solutions

WEBINAR | 25 years of Digitalisation in Trading

The Low Code/No Code Revolution | Matt Barret at FinJS@Home

Hydra Cluster Demo

Webinar | Watch now | Micro front-ends: the future of web applications for the smart desktop


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