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RFQ trading solution

We worked with BrokerTec to design and build a bespoke electronic trading solution for capital markets firms called BrokerTec Quote. BrokerTec is a leading provider of electronic trading platforms and technology services in fixed income markets and is owned by CME Group. BrokerTec Quote is an advanced dealer-to-client RFQ trading solution hosted in the cloud, designed as a differentiated solution for the Repo market.

We thank our client BrokerTec for the opportunity to work together and develop a leading solution for a cloud trading environment. The benefits of building on the cloud are numerous. Cloud solutions can allow firms to reduce their capital costs for infrastructure, enable platforms to scale with increased volume, and allow frequent deployments to production. All these benefits are hallmarks of a cloud-native application.


Accelerating the delivery of a real-time compliance system

In early 2020, Systematica initiated a process to find a firm to help it accelerate the delivery of Guardian, its improved centralised real-time compliance system. Adaptive was selected as a consultancy that would provide a single, consistent team with high-quality software engineering talent and specific experience in building solutions on Aeron technology.

Adaptive’s Hydra Platform, built on Aeron cluster technology, was a vital factor in Sytematica’s decision to appoint Adaptive, as it acted both as the foundation for accelerating the delivery of Guardian and for developing the firm’s next generation of proprietary trading systems.

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Accelerating the build of a matching engine

ErisX was launched in late 2018 to attract institutional participants. However, their existing platform for trading spot products could not support their futures trading plans. Additionally, developing and incorporating new features for spot trading was a slow process that required prioritization of the platform’s development assets. That meant that they needed to deploy a new matching engine as well as a clearing and settlement platform to meet all their requirements. ErisX had a goal to launch the new futures market by year end.

The choice to build was not a trivial decision. Initially, ErisX planned to buy an existing matching engine, but they had unique requirements that the existing platforms either didn’t support out of the box or couldn’t support architecturally.

We were very fortunate to find Adaptive, because they have the subject matter expertise, the ability to bootstrap the project and bring in accelerators like the Hydra Platform, and work closely with our team.

Matt Trudeau, Chief Operating Officer, ErisX

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Re-engineering a Bond Trading Platform

MTS BondsPro is a fixed income electronic trading platform focused on enabling access to corporate bond trading. It provides liquidity and real-time execution via an anonymous, all-to-all order book with over 500 participants. The existing user interface (UI) was web-based, built using legacy technology. It provided users the means to participate in its marketplace in a cost-effective and comprehensive platform.

The MTS BondsPro software had rich content and numerous useful features built-in over many years. However, as often happens over the life of a software product, the UI became challenging to support and enhance. MTS made a decision to refresh the user experience and implement a more modern, supportable, and extensible software solution which could also provide a more intuitive user experience for a growing client base. There were tight timelines and lots of enthusiasm to deliver a fresh, modern UI for existing and new users.

It became a recurring joke that we never had comments after Sprint demos, because there were no surprises - Adaptive delivered exactly what we had discussed in the prior weeks, largely bug-free, with a design exactly like the mock-ups.

Brad Newman, Senior Product Lead, MTS Markets

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Electronic Trading with a Personal Touch

The coming of MiFID II brought seismic changes to the fixed income markets. It presented serious challenges to traditionally voice traded business, and caused an immediate shift of order flow to electronic markets - and with future changes like higher size thresholds incoming, that trend was set to accelerate.

But NatWest Markets also knew its clients appreciated the personal attention, bespoke services, trade ideas and insight provided by contact with real people. They needed a way to create a hybrid between voice and electronic trading, where they could leverage the benefits of automation while preserving deep relationships with their clients. Their aim was for a client to be able to request levels, work with RFQs, and execute—all through seamless automation—without giving up the personal touch of a dedicated salesperson. NatWest called this innovative hybrid “digital voice”.

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Truthfully, we all knew Adaptive were key to mobilising this project. I knew Adaptive had good recent exposure to the technologies, standards and process challenges that this project involved. They move incredibly fast, and they have deep knowledge of all the cutting-edge frameworks we need. They’re also heavily involved and highly collaborative in the technology forums around FDC3, OpenFin and Symphony. Frankly, if you’re trying to mobilise something quickly on those frameworks, it’s just common sense that you’d want to go with people who’ve used them before, and who aren’t learning from scratch.

Matthew Harvey, Head of FI Client Execution Platforms and Digital Sales, NatWest Markets


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