Client Stories

App-store Client Application

A tier 1 investment bank needed to rewrite their app-store client application as the system was critical for client-facing operations. It was a platform launching different e-commerce services and applications independently and was installed in thousands of their clients’ desktops. The existing system was too slow, and its poor back-end resilience meant that customers couldn’t rely on the bank’s services.

The replacement system is now live in production and offers significant competitive advantages for the bank’s end-users:

  • Desktop applications are as easily and securely released as a web application, but with all the power and additional features of a desktop application
  • Installations and migrations are easy and fast and don’t require admin rights, saving end-users from having to rely on their local IT support - and different business units are launched faster through different mechanisms
  • The system is highly flexible and resilient, and has an auto-update mechanism

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24/7 end-to-end energy trading platform

A leading European energy provider was directly engaging with their clients via voice-trading. They wanted to be the first gas and power provider in the country to enable their clients to view and trade on firm prices over the web.

Adaptive took care of all the aspects of the delivery, including business analysis, architecture and technical design, user experience, visual design, the user interface, back-end development, testing and integration.

The resulting e-trading platform gives their clients access to 24/7 liquidity, significantly reduces their cost to accessing the markets, and lowers operational costs and risks by automating post-trade processes. When the clients hit a price, the platform handles all the trade acceptance logic, including the integration with the central credit check systems and places a fill-or-kill order. Moreover, the platform is easily extensible, has a resilient back-end, is cloud-hosted and has a two-factor authentication with password change and reset workflows.

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Trading app for FX structured products

A tier 1 bank saw a business opportunity within FX structured products, and wanted to offer a new service on its e-commerce platform. Success hinged on delivering rapidly, before trading peaked at the start of the year. Added to this quick time-to-market delivery requirement, the project was functionally complex and needed multiple integration points with existing systems.

With a team of only four consultants, Adaptive completed the development and production within four months. The application uses the bank’s internal frameworks and third-party products, and its multiple features include date calculation services, credit check systems, and pricing engines. The back-end systems are highly resilient; and flexible and intuitive sales and client user interfaces have enabled the bank to calibrate the behaviour to the exacting needs of users.

A key factor for the successful delivery was that each consultant on this project had deep experience with very similar functional and technical architectures. As a result, the bank benefited from clean modelling of the problem and getting it right first time without the need for technical spikes. Adaptive directly supported the application and trained the bank’s global support team until the application was handed over to the bank.

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Workflow-driven FX execution

Adaptive was engaged by a tier 1 investment bank interested in linking together disparate parts of their client-facing e-commerce platform to deliver customised trade propositions based on a tailored view of their customer’s positions.

Within only four months, Adaptive performed the development and integrated the existing systems and functionality to enable a new workflow that proved to be a major revenue generator for the bank. The interoperability technology became a core part of their e-commerce platform, enabling the bank to link many disparate components and hence gain an excellent return on their existing technology investment.

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Sentinel, the e-trading platform for MiFID II compliance

Sentinel was a challenging and highly critical strategic project for us, and failure was not an option. Within a very tight timeframe, Adaptive specified and built a fully featured MiFID II compliant trading platform, using a modern technology stack. The project was delivered on time and in budget, and with Adaptive’s help it was fully integrated with our internal systems. Most importantly, on day one the system was live, across all desks, with no outages. I wouldn't hesitate to engage Adaptive again, and would highly recommend them for the most challenging large-scale build projects.


To comply with MiFID II regulations, banks faced regulatory and IT complexities and the attendant costs of replacing platforms made defunct by the new legislation were extremely high. A group of banks formed a consortium to fund the development of a new platform called Sentinel aiming to: mutualising the cost of compliance; provide a consistent interpretation of the regulation; and articulate a clear compliance plan to regulators and create future-proof technology with an open architecture to guarantee flexibility, amongst other objectives.

An RFI was done and Adaptive was selected between 40 companies to design and build the front-end and real-time components and Google, for cloud hosting. The timescale was very ambitious: 9 months to provide a modularised MiFID II e-trading platform supporting multiple asset classes and comprising a normalised regulatory data model, sales-trader workflow, regulatory rules engine, and reporting engine.

The e-trading platform was successfully delivered turning a regulatory burden into a competitive advantage. The platform enabled banks to electronify traditionally voice-traded instruments. The usage of Google's powerful analytical tools offers market insights to salespeople and traders.

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Commodity Trading and Risk Management system

Adaptive was engaged by a world-class agri-business corporation, has operations spanning the globe, including both domestic and international trade. The company’s business spans a number of functions such as trade capture or pricing in the front office, delivery of goods, fee management and back office concerns such as invoicing and payments.

These global activities were managed in several distinct applications, with local customisations, making it quite complex to compute a cohesive picture of risk – indeed, it was not possible to get an accurate picture of Profit & Losses in real-time, so visibility was limited.

Furthermore, those legacy applications did not allow efficient operation, they did not scale, controls were not sufficient and consistent business practices could not be enforced.

Adaptive has been implementing a Commodity Management, encompassing CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management) and Logistics functionality, system that delivers the following value for this client:

  • A unified platform allowing for the implementation of coherent business practices globally
  • Increasing visibility and control over risk, profits and losses
  • Identifying profitable (and less profitable) centres of activity while growing by acquisition
  • Promoting efficiency; reducing waste and redundancies
  • Reducing the possibility of operational/regulatory issues

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