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Establish a vibrant and collaborative desktop ecosystem

Interoperable, componentized financial desktops are a key enabler for digital transformation

The way people work is changing. Technological progress is accelerating. New possibilities are emerging through machine learning, container technology, real-time processing, and analytics.

Think Strategically

A desktop strategy built around micro-frontends enables financial organisations to embrace the changing landscape, and empower their users and customers with seamless collaborative experiences, across business and device boundaries.

Workflow-driven Design

We are not building single applications anymore, but workflows that span multiple components, systems, and even firms. Adaptive’s experience design team are experts in a workflow-driven approach that targets every aspect of user journeys. We can help you to create event-driven, contextually aware desktops that meet people where and how they work.


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Delivery Focus


Desktop Strategy

Adaptive has a proven track record of delivering for our clients, combining our domain experience,
proven accelerators, and delivery capability.

Client Story

Keeping the Personal Touch:
A Journey with NatWest Markets, Symphony and Adaptive

UI Starter Kit

Our codified design system allows us to expedite the delivery of your desktop environments & create consistency across projects.

Explore the UI Starter Kit

Breadth of Experience

We use a range of open standards, cutting-edge technologies and key partners for our desktop projects.

  • Electron
  • FDC3
  • Finsemble Smart Desktop
  • OpenFin
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Symphony


Reducing Costs

Reducing costs

  • No more big-bang releases
  • Decouple teams and components
  • Smaller, iterative development
  • More re-use and less tech lock-in
New Opportunities

New opportunities

  • Integrate across departments and tech stacks
  • Unlock value from previously isolated applications
  • Migration path for legacy applications
Network Effects

Network effects

  • Leverage application networks that deliver exponential value
  • Increase the number of workflow connections with each new release
  • Combine applications together in numerous new ways

If you want to talk about any of your challenges, we would love to hear from you.

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