Sample Reactive Web App using TypeScript, RxJS and WebSockets

We announced a few weeks ago that we would work on a web version of Reactive Trader® and it is now time to show the app!


Click to launch the app in a separate tab.

Play with the app online

We published the App to Azure, you can have a look.

We are now working on several other versions targeting different platforms:
- Windows App Store (WinRT) - ready to go
- Windows Phone 8.1 - in progress
- iOS via Xamarin - in progress
- Android via Xamarin - not started yet

Want to learn more?

For source code and instructions, you should have a look at the Reactive Trader® GitHub repo.

You may also be interested in Matt and Lee's talk at ReactConf, which covers some of the challenges in building reactive UIs.

We have also started a series of blog posts on Reactive Trader® and more generally reactive programming, you can find the first post here.

Tell us what you think!

Hate it? Like it? We would love your feedback!


Olivier Deheurles

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer,
Adaptive Financial Consulting


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