Interviewing Adaptive: The engineering-focused real-time trading experts

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Adaptive works in a sophisticated environment where its professionals, depending on their profile, can work on different technologies, frameworks and languages such as .NET, C#, JS, CSS, Jenkins, Java, React, Kubernetes, Rx, TypeScript, Cucumber, EventStore, Docker, and programs such as Jira, Visual Studio and Specflow.

We got the chance to ask a few questions to Adaptive Spain Director Pierre-Baptiste Prevot. Things like the company’s success, its role in the industry and what might come next.

Can you explain what Adaptive does?

Real-time trading is changing the way business is conducted within financial services, capital and commodity markets. These systems are complex and need the very best people and technology to deliver successfully. This is Adaptive; a financial software development firm providing deep technological and business domain expertise that can transform businesses.

What has been the biggest challenge for Adaptive since its founding?

We have had many challenges along the way and are overcoming them as a team. Hiring software engineers is always a challenge. However, we have started to collaborate with the local developer community to foster and train good developers by showing them how we build trading platforms.

We are doing it to give back to the local tech community and help it grow.

You are on a great track. Last year, you passed the 100-employee mark, and recently you were named among the fastest 100 growing British tech companies. What do you think the company has done right?

We have been working very hard to achieve fast but sustainable growth. Among everything we’ve done to build trust-based relationships with our clients as well as with our employees, I would highlight three:

  • Our leadership team: we have hands-on technical experts leading the company. They understand the challenges of our clients as well as the hardships of the client-consultancy relationship; which is why we work WITH our clients in a collaborative and trustful environment to achieve their goals.
  • Our culture and philosophy: by having a deep understanding of how great developers like to work, we have a collaborative working environme
    nt based on trust, communication and professional growth. We don’t believe in titles or hierarchy, only in results and respect. We don’t sell ourselves as a fixed, rigid company, but as a growing and meritocratic community, where people can be themselves overcoming challenges as a team.
  • We deliver very high-quality solutions very fast in a way that works well with existing architectures and systems while also delivering the knowhows to our client’s teams.

What do you think is the role of technology in what you do? Are there any other existing, yet unused technologies that could benefit your sector?

Technology is critical to us. We are an engineering-focused consultancy, so keeping up to date and indeed setting the technology direction within our industry is important. Real-time trading platforms require different architectural approaches to systems in other industries that have different constraints. We are focused on event-driven, streaming and highly-available architectures as these attributes are what enables our clients to build their businesses on the platforms we build.

With the arrival of MiFID II  laws in the EU, which aim to increase transparency in the finance sector, how do you see the state of financial consulting right now?

Adaptive’s main customer are financial and capital markets institutions, so financial regulations have a direct effect on the company.

We think the next few years look bright. Development of the systems required to solve the regulatory burden of MiFID II is mostly out of the way. Now, our clients are looking to us to help them rapidly innovate and bring new products to market. Sometimes this is building on top of the MiFID II work, and sometimes it is in new areas. Regulatory change has had a big impact, and there is now a lot of opportunity in the market to innovate in new ways.

What’s next for the company in the coming years?

Building quality platforms with a quick time to market has been until now our main focus, as it was also one of the main issues for our clients. Recently, however, with the growth of our team and the increasing need of our clients to give more attention to ‘design’ and ‘build’, we have diversified our activity into Design (technical architecture and user experiences), Build (bespoke platforms) and Operate (support and management of the delivered solutions) aiming to work with our clients toward the whole lifecycle of software development.


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Pierre Prevot

Director Spain,
Adaptive Financial Consulting


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