Accelerating the Build of a Traditional Matching Engine

Crypto adoption has been slow among mainstream institutional investors. While market size and liquidity are certainly factors in the slow adoption, the opacity and lack of oversight in many venues also limits the confidence institutions have in the asset class. But institutional participation is critical for crypto growth.

Off-the-shelf platforms won’t always meet evolving market needs, and using Adaptive + Hydra Platform for a bespoke build dramatically reduces risk and aids time to market.

This article describes how ErisX used Hydra and Adaptive to develop a very ambitious custom matching engine in just 8 months.

Key points addressed include:

  • How Hydra Platform accelerated development
  • How the snapshotting feature enables a 24x7 exchange
  • How the Adaptive process of working closely with the client accelerated development
  • Build vs buy decision process and how ErisX approached the decision

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