Watch now | React-RxJS: Bringing Reactivity to React | RxJS Live! On Air Asia

On Friday 30 April 2021, Josep Sobrepere, Adaptive Front End Architect and co-author of React-RxJS, was invited to talk about "React-RxJS: Bringing Reactivity to React" at RxJS Live! On Air Asia.

Josep explained why React-RxJS was created to also use composable and declarative entities to describe the dynamic behaviour of our domain state with React. He demonstrated how Adaptive uses these bindings to significantly improve our web-apps performance.

The full recording is now available, as well as an interview with Matt Barrett, Adaptive CEO and co-founder:

React-RxJS: Bringing Reactivity to React with Josep Sobrepere

video React-RxJS

Interview with Matt Barrett, Adaptive CEO and co-founder

video interview with Matt Barrett

If you prefer to read than watch, here is the article: Why React-RxJS?

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