Webinar | Your Solution, Delivered: How Adaptive Builds Trading Platforms

In collaboration with Openfin, Adaptive will lead the webinar: “Your Solution, Delivered: How Adaptive Builds Trading Platforms”. It will take place on Wednesday, June 23rd at 10am EST | 3pm BST.

OpenFin enables the rapid development and deployment of advanced, great-looking web applications for the capital markets. But a web user interface is only half of the application. Adaptive’s Hydra Platform works with OpenFin to enable you to accelerate the delivery of the back-end of your application. It solves the hard technical problems of your trading platform back-end, just like OpenFin solves the hard technical problems of front-end deployment.

Things like high availability with no single-point-of-failure, observability and monitoring, and low-latency, resilient workflows come out of the box with Adaptive's accelerators.

In this talk, Matt Barrett, Adaptive CEO and co-founder, alongside James Watson, Adaptive Hydra Team Lead, will show how Adaptive's accelerators let you focus on your business needs, enabling you to deliver a bespoke solution that matches your requirements, and get software into production fast.

We will also demo Reactive Trader®, running in OpenFin and on Hydra Platform.

Profile photo for James Watson

James Watson
Hydra Team Lead, Adaptive

Profile photo for Matt Barrett

Matt Barrett
CEO and co-founder, Adaptive

The full recording is now available:

You may also want to have a look at our most recent blog post, a detailed outline of what is Hydra Platform, how it benefits our clients and what we are planning to do next.

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