Platform Solutions

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Platform Solutions

Accelerated development. Full control of your product.

Reduce the time-to-market of complex platforms and retain full ownership of your product with Hydra Platform, our high performance, resilient, real-time platform.

Hydra Platform allows you to focus on building a differentiating product by providing a platform accelerator that takes care of the non-differentiating, architectural and resiliency aspects of low latency trading platform development.

Delivering your outcomes

Hydra Platform provides a developer framework that acts as a core foundation for delivering:

  • Execution Venues


  • Matching & Internalization Engines

    Matching &
    Internalization Engines

  • Electronic Trading Workflow Platforms

    Electronic Trading
    Workflow Platforms

  • Single Dealer Platforms

    Single Dealer

  • Liquidity Aggregators & Smart Order Routers

    Liquidity Aggregators
    & Smart Order Routers

  • Broker Platforms



  • Electron


  • Electron

    Reliability & Scalability

  • FDC3

    Reduced Cost & Risk

  • Finsemble Smart Desktop


What is it?

Hydra is made up of 4 main components

Hydra Cluster

A fault tolerant container for event-driven services

Hydra Messaging

A framework for communication (LAN, Web & Hydra LiveQuery)

Hydra Web and FIX connectivity

Enterprise-grade WebSocket & FIX implementation

Hydra Control Center

Manage the Hydra components: Automated Deployment, Cluster Management, Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning, Service Management and Monitoring


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