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Reactive Trader® brings a long list of capabilities:

  • A real-time architecture, both event-driven and fully resilient
  • Price streaming, RFQ submission, trade execution, and analytics
  • An intuitive User Experience (UX), with a consistent style across multiple devices
  • Intelligent Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Full support for FDC3, the premier open-source standard for desktop interoperability
  • Support for multiple desktop container and interoperability platforms

Reactive Trader® also employs cutting-edge technologies and paradigms, such as:

  • Built on React, React-RxJS, Node.js and Adaptive's Hydra platform
  • Support both on-prem or cloud, using GCP, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Demonstrates the fast time-to-market of cloud technologies
  • Continuous integration and deployment via Github Workflow & Google Cloud
  • Centralized, easy to maintain, design system and living style guide
  • Component-level development and testing via storybook

Reactive Trader® is our real-time, fully open-source showcase trading platform

Reactive Trader® is our real-time, fully open-source showcase trading platform. For our clients, it acts as a demonstration of the kind of cutting edge, real-time, reactive solutions that we deliver. For our engineers, it allows them to get acquainted with and experiment on the very latest technologies and paradigms. And for the open-source community, it forms a reference implementation of a modern trading platform, which anyone can contribute to - including you.

Our engineers are passionate about exploring all the features of the newest financial toolsets and technologies, and they use Reactive Trader® as a proving ground. As a result, Reactive Trader® is truly multi-platform, demonstrating how it is possible for a modern application to support multiple platforms while still leveraging the powerful features of some of the newest desktop platforms.

Reactive Trader® Cloud Search

Reactive Trader® Cloud Interop

Web browsers

A fully responsive web application that runs in all modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, with light and dark modes.

To try it out yourself, you can run Reactive Trader® in a browser on your PC or mobile device.


Reactive Trader® runs in OpenFin and OpenFin Desktop, fully leveraging the platform’s features - with full support for the new OpenFin Platform API, including grid, tab and window layouts, snapshots, and custom window frames.

You can download a version of Reactive Trader® that runs in OpenFin here.


Reactive Trader® fully supports Finsemble, including its advanced snapping & docking, workspace management, and tabbing features. Find out more here.

To try it out yourself, you can run our Finsemble smart desktop installer, which includes a Reactive Trader® workspace.

Adaptive UI Library

A quicker, more consistent and collaborative way
to design and build custom UI's.

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Thanks for taking the time to learn about Reactive Trader®, or you can navigate to our installer here (for those of you using a Mac, you can use this link). You can also check out the code - and even contribute yourself - at our Github repository.

At Adaptive we’re passionate about the latest desktop platform technologies, and Reactive Trader® offers a platform for our engineers to demonstrate that passion. We’d love to hear your comments and ideas. Feel free to get in touch at

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