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Technology moves fast! UI technology moves even faster. Keeping up to date with the plethora of languages, libraries and frameworks can be an uphill struggle. Each component we select in a UI stack can carry risk, and is likely to be out of date within a year or two. Here at Adaptive, we continuously evaluate the latest technologies in realistic environment via our Reactive Trader® Cloud Platform. This allows us to make informed recommendations to our clients, demonstrate how we put systems together, and ensure our developers are up to date with the latest tech.

Reactive Trader® Cloud is a real-time, open-source, demo FX trading platform. Originally written in WPF, we have continued to evolve the platform to both browser and desktop technology.

Today we are releasing a major new update with a variety of new and interesting features.


Click here for the Live Site.


To run the application in Openfin, download and run the following Launcher Installer: Windows | Mac Os.


So what's new?


An all-new, fully responsive and themeable design

We have updated Reactive Trader®’s look and feel to bring it up to date with our living style guide found here:

Living Style Guide

Reactive Trader® keeps its slick look and feel on all devices.

No serious application is complete without a dark mode!

Runs in the Browser or the Desktop

Reactive Trader® Cloud can run in a browser or on the desktop via Openfin. The behaviour of features such as notifications and window tear offs change according to the environment. Also, Reactive Trader® makes use of Openfin’s snap and dock features for window management.

Application Launch Bar

The new version of Reactive Trader® Cloud includes a floating desktop launch bar that opens Adaptive's Demo applications. The bar can also be used to switch themes.

To run the launcher, download and run the Launcher Installer: Windows | Mac Os.

Excel Interoperability on the desktop

Reactive Trader®Cloud can interact with Excel sheets on a users desktop. Trades and positions are streamed from the application to an Excel spreadsheet via Openfin’s interoperability API. It is also possible to close out positions from the Excel sheet.

Interoperability with legacy applications

Reactive Trader® Cloud allows a user to set trading limits in a separate WPF application, demonstrating how modern web technologies can interact with legacy applications built in other languages such as JavaFX or WPF. This is achieved using Openfin’s interoperability bus and .Net adapter.

Price History View

We now show a live historical price chart on trading tiles.

Resilient Real-Time Architecture

Reactive Trader® cloud can recover from services becoming disconnected. For example, if a pricing service goes down the application will automatically connect to another back-end instance. If there is no service available, the application will periodically attempt to establish a connection until it succeeds.

Underlying Technology

Reactive Trader® cloud is built with the latest web technology including:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Redux-Observable
  • Typescript
  • Openfin
  • Styled-Components


We will continue to develop Reactive Trader® Cloud as the UI technology landscape evolves.

More updates coming soon!

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Bhavesh Desai

Head of UI Development at Adaptive,
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