Digitalization and Commodities / CTRM


CTRMRadio released a podcast last week on 9 July 2020 on Digitalization in Commodities and the role of CTRM (Commodity Trading Risk Management) and CM (Commodity Management) software. What does digitalization mean and what is the impact on CTRM and CM software? Guests include Matt Barrett, CEO of Adaptive, Dale Emmerson, Director of Business Development at Igloo (, Doug Gyani, Managing Consultant of Principia Consulting ( and David Corthorn, Chief Product Officer for 2DA Analytics (

Matt Barrett, CEO of Adaptive which specialises in real time trading platforms, explains how the digitalization of trade life cycle allows individual companies to manage risk and settlement through a robust and compliant utility bank-end; and at the same time maintain a competitive advantage through a unique bespoke front end for traders.

Gary Vasey, the journalist interviewer, noted that there wasn’t consensus on what that term Digitalization actually means when it comes to commodities but there was more agreement on what it means for your CTRM or CM software.

To listen to the full four interviews, click here.


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