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Over the last few weeks, we released a series of blog posts based on our whitepaper “Accelerating Trading System Development with Aeron, Hydra Platform and Adaptive” by Olivier Deheurles, Adaptive co-founder and CTO. The paper gives a deeper insight into how Aeron, Aeron Cluster and Hydra Platform can notably improve the delivery of your trading system.

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Along with this whitepaper, we have created a video demonstrating the high-availability capabilities of Hydra Platform.

Building fast and highly available trading infrastructure is hard.

That difficulty is one reason why today many large institutional firms have single points of failure in their trading infrastructure. The failure of a single machine could take out market-making capabilities for seconds, minutes or even hours.

Hydra Platform allows fast, highly-available services to run hot-hot and achieves sub-second failover out of the box. This makes it simple, quick and easy to build efficient and fault tolerant trading solutions.

With confidence in the architecture, electronic trading businesses can face the market more aggressively, improving their margins and trading returns.

This video demonstrates Hydra Platform failover technology. In it, we see a central limit order book trading platform with active orders failing over from one node to another with no loss in client connectivity or data.

Hydra Platform provides all the required components (clustering, FIX and web API and UI gateways) of a modern trading platform. The distributed architecture is wired together for you, providing end-to-end transparent failover out of the box, already tested and production-hardened.


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