Press Clipping | Global Custodian: How safe is your cloud?

By Charles Gubert

– Matt Barrett, CEO of Adaptive Financial Consulting

A properly architected, resilient cloud-native platform can withstand all of the CSP failures that have been seen so far. CSP architectures themselves are built to provide resiliency through independence, but the principles, approaches and techniques to arrive at such resiliency are not the same as with physical on-premise infrastructure. They create new opportunities to allow for higher degrees of resiliency at lower cost, but need to be thought about differently. Simply lifting and shifting workloads into a CSP, without architecting for failure-modes unique to them, will definitely cause banks problems. CSP architectures are designed to continue operating within a model of continuous failure – some part of the system is always failing, and the fact that these failures surface themselves to end users so infrequently is indicative of the maturity of the failure handling built into the CSP themselves. Users of the CSP need to similarly be resilient to failures.

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